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Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed to chair the parties and events committee for the club (inside dinners, bake sales, BBQs, picnics, garage sales, etc.). The club can use the money. We have help but no chairperson. See Jim Cook, President.

Is your contact information up to date?

If you have a change of address or phone number please let us know, this is where your dues go. Contact 382-1254 or 382-1624

Guan Ho Ha's Website

If you would like anything posted on the website or feel that something is incorrect or out of date please contact Bill Whipple at We welcome any design or functionality suggestions, as well as any pages or sections you may want to add.

If you or your group plan on having a meeting at our club, small or large, you must book it in advance. Bowling, darts, golf, Nascar, hunting, pistol, dog, etc. No Walk-ins.