Range Info

Using the club ranges

You must sign in before using the ranges and sign out when you are done. Please print your name and card # with your time in and time out. If you bring a guest be sure they sign in with you, put "guest" in the card # slot.

Range Monitoring

The range is being monitored by the new range officers and they have a great concern about how the target area is being destroyed. They have taken the time to patch the back board to see how members shoot. If you can’t hit your target and you’re hitting wood, you might want to move forward until you zero your firearm in. Range rules are posted. - Steve Tozer


The number of guests one member can bring to the rifle range will be limited to one person. This rule was initiated because of safety concerns as well as insuring our members have access to our facilities. Thanks for your cooperation – Board of Directors

Guest fees are $5 each per visit. There is a box in the front hall and a box downstairs. Immediate family (under 18 yrs.) will not be charged.


Please take your pizza boxes and large cardboard home with you. It fit in your vehicle on the way here, or you can put it in our dumpster. There is way too much garbage for us to keep the ranges clean. Or if you see someone else leaving a mess, please say something.

Outside Range Hours

Open from 10:00 a.m. till sunset. Please don't stay longer;this will be enforced

Range Rules

Please pick up your brass

There has been way too much brass left on the ground at the ranges, especially at the 25 and 50 yard ranges. Often you will see members picking up brass left by other members. It doesn’t take much, only a few minutes to pick up the empty brass that you have used. Help keep our ranges clean and pick up your brass when done shooting.